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The MTA center is currently down for maintenance.

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my guess .. down so it can be updated to be in line with the new theme on the rest of the site

but its been down a few days and i cant find any other message on the forum announcing center to be down ..

so .. whats up with center being down

and when is it getting back up :)

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true ..but i'd say .. try and make it in advance .. then switch off the old and turn on the new ...

now it looks like they switched off the old version before starting on the new version

(i do know its not as simple as i make it sound but 2 weeks off downtime is well .. odd at least)

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  • MTA Team

The current center is a nice piece of technology but has a serious problem. In the old days some "wrong" decisions were made regarding to the database. While the decision would have been the right one when you have a powerfull server, it was putting a heavy load onto our webserver.

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