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Gangs recruiting topic Suggestion

Guest iv3k

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Sorry for posting this but on SAMP they have a topic in whic you can post

your info like: ingame name, age, skills and then gang leaders look at it

and if they want you theyl contact you, im just asking if theres a topic like


here becouse there are alot of clans here and i dont know whic to choose, so

if im not breaking any rules i would post my info here, and maybe admin

could make a topic like this :wink: i think its a ok suggestion .

Ingame name: ivek


experience: ive played san andreas over 2 years, im very god at piloting.

MSN: [email protected]

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Oh lol sorry :oops:

But they really should make that here, i really dont know where would i post

to join, so leaders can just look here and contact me if they want me,and



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  • 2 years later...

you are in the best place (well i am in the best place not you... you are here all times lol!)

Grasiel Clan (City Simulator Clan)

we got many factions, i will put them in order the Nº1 is the best for you Nº2 the 2nd best and that so.

1) Air Force Faction

Participates Clan War attacking from air (in mods that accepts air force... very little)

in charge of Defending Our Air and of giving air permissions in server (so if you get to a good rank

you select who can flyies and if you dont accept him, send some units to attack him xD)

2) Army

Faction With The Best Benefits.

members of army can enter area 51 without being attacked if you are not member you cant enter

( missiles are shotted to you)

they participates in Clan Wars

other factions:

Taxi Faction


Police Faction

We got 3 members up to date.

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