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Teleportation Checkpoints


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I think it would be pretty useful for alot of map-creators :wink: I hope it will come, but not now, 'cos that would just slow the process down with the other MP game.

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It would be cool if checkpoints could be set to teleport a player to a new location in the map when driven through.

Its in the latest video (tho he is on foot)

Indeed, I saw that but I am specifically interested in teleporting a vehicle durring a race. I have a few specific ideas.

It would be cool to have a checkpoint teleport you to the same coordinates but a different rotation. You could navigate any turn at full speed.

Another ideas is to have a race that continually teleports you backwards so that you are always in close proximity to other racers.

Or how about a rally car race that follow the dirt roads in San Andreas. As you get to the end of one dirt road it would teleport you to the next without having to dive between them.

There are many things that could be done with this.

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