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GTA3 & VC objects?

The Beyond

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Hey, I was just wondering something. Why does the object list in SA contains Vice City & even GTA3 objects? For example, in the race editor -> fences you will find a "panlantic" construction fence. That was used in GTA3!. And in the "Structures -> Ramps" directory you find a ramp used in GTA VC for boats.

Why does SA contains old objects? And I can't remember I saw those objects: never found a panlantic construction fence in SA.

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Rockstar proberly reused old models, tbh there is alot of stuff in sa that we dont get to see or use, for example the skateboard, they proberly had plans to use them then just scrapped the idea
yeah, u can find the skateboard as a melee weapon at weapon.dat :P whats the objectid?

Never found

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