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Question about glue


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Hmm, which tunnels are you talking about? If I remember, many of the train tunnels are already tall enough for people to stand on top of trains. It's in the single player mission Other Side of the Tracks, I think, with the Vagos gang members standing on the train, and CJ driving along side while Big Smoke shoots at them.

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I don't like the sound of "glue", will be hard to find out who is cheating(sobiet), and who isn't. Also, if a planes flies right next to a person, will he be able to catch it with glue? If yes then thats pretty damn stupid :S

Glue is fully controlled by scripts, it isn't hard-coded into every game-mode. If you think it's stupid, just don't add it to the script.

Also, it should be pretty obvious to see whose cheating and who isn't. It's just a matter of knowing what the script that's running is and isn't supposed to do.

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I'd like to know if glue can be used to e.g. attach someone's screen (camera) to a vehicle.

Another thing: Is it possible to put players in "spectator mode"?

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