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1st MTA:VC Development movie !


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These movies are just to show we've got (almost) full control over the vehicles that are available in VC. They're all controlled by TermNL using a special client.

so that's why i dont see nobody driving (i only downloaded one of them yet) ... thought it was because of "work in progress, not yet implemented"

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It sure is!   How life has changed and time flies by... Wow. I've got a job as software developer for 13 years now, father of two kids. Still have very fond memories of MTA though!

I can not get the 2nd movie runny also, i have used Win RAR to unzip it. Also what is the name of the song in the 2nd, movie i could only here the song but not see the movie.

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It work`s now yey i hope for more great video`s like tonight, also once again what is the song in the movie, that needs div x plz tell me m8`s thanx. :D:lol:8):idea::?::!::?::idea::?:

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The features it showed off for MTA:VC were good. but the video editing itself kinda blowed...and u stopped the video right at the climax of the song.

Its nice to see the new MP features tho. :D

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we're sorry Term :)

your avatar had us thinking you were a robot with no feelings :)

excellent movie though.

The part where it flashes 'walking, shooting, etc...' is pretty spiffy :)

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Damn Term, you are my man. (not cuz we're both dutch, when u aint dutch, u aint much:P) anyway, VERY COOL!!! keep up the good work man.. this is amazing :twisted:

Hey, when i watch the movie u see the other players arent walkin, just standing still and moving over the map. is this getting fixed or...? anyway, nice work

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animations didn't make this version because we were more concerned about gameplay, in the future versions we will try to get more and more features implemented, like animations, and shooting out of the car, etc

hope you enjoy what we have done so far..


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message to TermNL:

1. -what's the GTA font you used?

2. -whats the name of the music used in the second movie.

i did search for a long time to find the music, i used it in a flash movie once but lost the fla file.

now i want to rebuild the moviebut lost the music.

thanks in advance.



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