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1st MTA:VC Development movie !


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It sure is!   How life has changed and time flies by... Wow. I've got a job as software developer for 13 years now, father of two kids. Still have very fond memories of MTA though!

hmmm, i have divx :?

Luckily i have a video production program and that just played it :) .

:shock: Nice, I like the zero turning circle of the car, and the hyped music to go with the action 8)

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Nice job to all who contribute to this project. just curious though; any reason their were'nt two vehicles in movie instead of a spectator the whole time, or was that just to help show replays? would be nice to see two Hunters Dogfighting or something :lol: ooh i got goosepimples people.

Keep up the good work :D

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hehe, the recorder will always walk atm, but i am making a movie with an a pache now :D

(I am not 100% sure it will be in the release ; support for apache, but there is a very good chance we'il be dogfighting after all)

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Cool movie. I like seeing the Apache in action, but i still don't know why you do not show TWO people in vehicles at the SAME TIME?? I am just anxious and Curious, Don't mean to yell, just trring to emphasize my point. ( you really are all doing a great job!!! i show mta to anyone who comes through my door, and they are alot and all impressed.)Keep it up. :D

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These movies are just to show we've got (almost) full control over the vehicles that are available in VC. They're all controlled by TermNL using a special client.

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Good work guys! I'll be happy if we can fly choppers even if we cant use the weapons yet.

Will there be a possibility of jumpin into a maverick as a passanger? cos that would be brilliant, we could transport gang members in speed n style.

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Well it seems like you've got pretty good control of it now,

If you guys had stock, I would buy it up. VC Multiplayer Looks like the coolest thing, you should all be proud to be a part of it. You are taking the best video game out there and making it a hundred times better,

Maybe R* will take the hint and implement it in the next gta.

(or maybe they already tried and didn't succeed so scrapped the idea, who knows?) When me and my buddies play gta1 online, we all experience the lag like on mta, but it looks like you're working out those

kinks with VC. Don't stop now!

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