Old video links not working anymore

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I tried to download the netcode video and the first MTADM one, but both of the links were dead... anyone knows any mirror where to download them?

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The website has experienced some server problems, judging from the message they wrote about the downtime difficulties, it could of expired that specific link for or as posted above it could of went off a while back for example, only suggesting however.

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the downtime was for server upgrades, those videos might of just been deemed out of date and moved/removed

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uploading 2 vids to our youtube account, might take a while

edit: could ony ul the short weapon synch vid, the other one is 60mb (hq) and my ul died at 45% (only got 12kb/s ul)

heres our channel: http://youtube.com/profile?user=MTAQA

maybe we can fill it up with all the new and old vids we still have

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