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Download place: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?s=91 ... pic=235694

If any of you have used 'Moo Mapper' for GTA3 and Vice City, you'll recognize MEd mapper's format immediately. It carried the torch to make a GTASA editor when KCow (moo mapper creator) retired after creating Vice City 'Moo Mapper'.

Simply put, this lets you edit the map just like the race editor, but its more advanced. It is a more specific tool, which allows you to do such things as click on something and have it highlighted, and relay all the item's properties to you. It is the most advanced form of map editing available. I made a lot of suggestions to eai during the development of the race editor, based on my previous experience with Moo Mapper (which this uses the source of, and is designed as).

It has some great uses the MTA editor cannot accomplish. For example,you could recreate an area of San Andreas perfectly by:

1. Using mED mapper, use the find function on an ID of one of the objects that you will be piecing together. This will highlight the IPL the object is located, which you need to render in the SCENE tab. When it is rendered, you can click the object again in the menu to focus on it (so you can see the parts you want to use on the map).

2. Paste the original IPL file in your wikipedia account before you edit it ( http://www.wikipedia.com ). Surround the text with <pre>pre> tags to format it properly, or else it will be one paragraph blob thats not very useful.

3. Edit the IPL. Delete the objects that you WANT (backup original IPL to replace when finished, I couldnt find a way to "Saveas" to avoid editing the original IPLs)

4. Edit your wikipedia profile page to delete the original IPL text, and submit the edited IPL text. Again, surround it with <pre>> tags to format it properly.

5. Click the history tab and compare the original/edited IPL submissions. Wikipedia serves as a great text comparer. It highlights exactly what is missing in the edited IPL that the original includes. These are the objects you wanted!

6. Copy these objects into a new IPL. Double click the lines in wikipedia to highlight the lines easily!

6. Use aerons ipl>map converter and the objects are now in race mod format!

Note: Wikipedia is only serving as a text comparison tool here. If anyone has a better program, post about it :)

7. Use aerons mass object mover to put the pieces somewhere besides the original position (as they are currently cloned perfectly on the original objects).

Ignore for now... probs figuring out how to do it gtasa is different ;)

Another example, you could perfectly piece together one whole piece, that is made of multiple objects (like the ships). A good example is a road with seperate rail object. Another good example is a building with a seperate nighttime light object.

1. Use the find function on the object ids that make up the whole piece. Note the XYZ coordinates on all the objects.

2. Choose the largest object's XYZ coordinates as the BASE COORDINATES.

3. Subtract all the other object XYZ values from the BASE COORDINATES. Note the differences of XYZ for each object.

4. Place the largest object (that gave your base coordinates) in race. Use the custom position as the MODIFIED COORDINATES. Add the differences of XYZ from the other objects to the MODIFIED COORDINATES to offset them perfectly from the largest object, just as they were originally.

Simply put, you can do some difficult tasks much more easily if you use this tool, with a combination of Aerons tools sometimes.

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Aha that program, found it some weeks ago but didnt find it so interseting.

But I have respect for guys that create such programs.

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