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Making perfect loops with Excel

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I'm also done converting the looping-tool to a web-based generator. Both the helix and looping tool are -online- ready to use.

I'm also busy with a pop-up map so you can point where you want your helix/looping. The link is at the generator page itself, but doesn't work yet.

To show people the output of this magic tool:


woot! Thanks a lot ricket007!

OK, i'll now stop spamming this thread ;)

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I discovered a problem with the generator. When a negative value is entered for one of the parameters it is thrown out and the default value is used in its place. This is the correct behavior, except for the 'height' parameter for the helix generator and the 'offset' parameter for the loop generator. These values must be allowed to be negative because it is how you reverse the turn of the loop or helix.

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Hi. Looks nice. I'm working on MassObjectAdder which has functions like this. If you tell me how you did it I can implant it into my tool and beginners can use it. You'll be in the program credits ofcourse.

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I've found some problems at ur site, Beyond. when I use map, to select where i want to place a loop and click on that place, only helix's coordinates change.

And more serious: i wanted to place a loop above the pyramid in LV and coordinates were like X=2080, Y=-1090, Z=300, but -1090 couldnt fit in Y area, like there can fit only 4 characters. sometimes where it could fit, it was placed like 1 km on south from the desired place.

sorry for fluent english 8)

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The problem may be that the input fields behave like the input is text and not numbers. They should be set to allow 4 digits, not characters. Therefore you could enter, for example, 3000 or -3000 but not 30000.

The program I originally wrote is in excel and does not limit the input length.

Until we can improve the interface you may want to use the excel version.

This one makes helices.

http://www.rickets007.com/downloads/mta ... -short.zip

This one makes loops

http://www.rickets007.com/downloads/mta ... erator.zip

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Hey people.

Sorry for my lack of activity in this topic. I've been really busy lately for school and stuff. So unfortunatly there's not much time for me to work on the generator.

Yeah, I know the problems of the negative values, also the coordinates picker who just doesn't work at all (When you select the airport the loop comes into catalina's place, wtf) so i'm kinda busy working on that, when I have time.

Also rickets007 has come with some great ideas for the tool itself such as changes for the lay-out. I will fix that when I have time for it.

Sorry for you all who wants the tool to be done :)

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Hello everyone.

I am using this tool to create loops in my map, but I'm facing a problem now. As illustrated in the picture below:


You see, I'm trying to get the loop in the same rotation as the piece in the middle, but changing the rotation in the excel-sheet doesn't seem to have any effect, wether it is -0.5 or 11.

I love the loops by the way. :roll:

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The Beyond has done a wonderful job with the online versions of the generators. I suggest you all check them out. The loops and helices are basically perfectly smooth because they are calculated using mathematical equations.


You said you tried -0.5 and 11 for rotations? These appear to be attempts to enter the rotation in radians. I wrote the program to accept degrees as an input. If you want the loop to go in the same direction as the existing piece, find the pieces rotation in radians and multiply by (180/pi) to convert to degrees.

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This is my version of the helix and loop generator based on the first version in excel spreadsheets. As there were problems with the web based version i thought of making a quick add on that you enter details and hit one button and it shall export the code to the correct format. Written in VBA the macro you run shall export the correct code to a file called either loopgen.map or helixgen.map. Once there it can just be highlighted to how much you need then copy it to your map file.

Currently the macro shall only export all 192 or 96 pieces to the file as the given data is just a field but many features i shall add on and correct such as tilt entire loop to left or right shall be looked into. All work is credited in READ ME.txt and instructions.

(No longer need to replace tabs with spaces etc... as this is all done for you)


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I congratulate you initially, gg, but on the other hand I included/understood absolutely anything:s

1 How to reveal the loops in the maps???

2 How to put several A of it the continuation????

3 How to make to regulate the card for create of the loops???

4 times the card create, it are necessary to make what????? Thank you.

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