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Making perfect loops with Excel

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I was trying to find a way to easily make loops in the map editor for MTA. It sucks trying to place each piece one by one. I decided to try to calculate the coordinates and rotations in Excel. The spread sheet I made accepts input for the following parameters.

center coordinates (the coordinates of the loop in the world)

radius of the loop

# of pieces to use for the loop

offset (lateral distance between entrance and exit points)

The results were very good. This is a loop with radius 30, 44 pieces and an offset of 20.




As of now the spread sheet can only be used to make loops along the x axis and the data exporting part is a little tricky. Here it is if anyone is interested.

MTA Loop Generator

I'm looking for suggestions on how to make this program more efficient and possibly add more parameters. I am not a programmer so I don;t think there is much more I can do with it.

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maybe you could let us input how many loopings the excel file makes,

on the pictures it only shows one looping

but maybe making two loopings behind each other,

like you'll have to give a parameter "how much loopings"?

could that be possible?

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Well, I actually just made the excel sheet to prove that it could be done. I never intended to distribute it as a program. As far as a front end and a better tutorial, I'm afraid there is not much else I can do. I have some theories on how to improve what I have but lack the programming skills to impliment them. We need somone who can build a program using my equations. It could have a nice frontend GUI and would automatially generate a text file with the values input into the correct syntax.

What i'm saying is that I require help to to improve the program anymore.

From looking at the screenshot it is difficult to tell what the problem is. I suspect there is an error with the rotation syntax in the map file. I think that the rorations are correct in the map file but a syntax error could cause MTA to ignore the rotation values.

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Nice tool, stickied. I hope someone helps you to improve it.

BTW, you can edit out the tabs easily in notepad too. Simply tab from the left ledger or after a word, and select all the tabbed space, and copy it into the "find" field. For replace field, simply hit spacebar once (one space).

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lol I again repeated the same loop, it's the default one just did + 20 on the y ax, badly it can't render more than 5 loops :(

but it sure is fun!!

try the Infernus instead of the Sandking 8)


http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i124/ ... 0003-2.jpg

http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i124/ ... en0004.jpg

are these loopings actually useful in a race (for everybody?) :?: i didn't tried this out yet with my exams :(

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Sure they are, they are perfect loops! I recommend you to try that map. :P

The 2 maps I posted are testing maps of repeating loops to let you guys see that there can be driven on it and to let you guys know how to let it repeat, I don't think I can help Rickets007 about how to improve the program as I don't know anything about programming :oops:

This is usefull and it saves me time :wink:

Thanks Rickets007 and I wish you good luck on improving it with someone who knows about programming :D

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