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Players loss of ability to shoot from a tank.

- Result of trying to fire at the same time someone else does. Thanks Blue Zircon! Replicable.

Map editor missing ability to undo changes. Thanks Kamahl!

i think they are the most important

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these bugs have already been mentioned but here they are anyway:

  • early start glitch
  • access SP menu trick
  • invisible aircrafts
  • flickering white screen > Clicky <
  • typing 'a' in console deletes everything you typed in before
  • weed and beer does CJ bad, he can't sprint
  • on a dm map when there are 2 players left and someone leaves the round won't end
  • changing the map during a nomination will not cancel the nomination
  • occasionally the position of the players is not displayed properly (ex. 2 persons can be 1st at the same time) no biggie
  • "/rcon say " bug, it disconnects all the players from the server
  • after respawn both visible checkpoints have the red marker in the middle
  • last player alive glitch event wrongly activated in races (when 1 player is left alive even though respawn is activated)
  • lots of lost packets -> scripts not working correctly
  • player on foot glitch & CJ on loose glitch
  • after joining even dead player are shown on the radar
  • people appearing underground in spectator mode
  • CJ hovering above MT Chiliad glitch (in spec mode)
  • hydra ability to land without landing gear on, after dying and respawning (minor bug)
  • the draw distance of checkpoints in the editor is pretty low
  • clock isn't synced when joining a server nor the timer (ex. for some it's night while others are having fun in the daylight ¬.¬)
  • pickups can be seen through everything (except glass, ha! :P)
    a couple of suggestions:
  • IMO the hunter's machine gun is too powerful
  • server list should be refreshed once when accessing the game, every time you get disconnected you need to wait till the list refreshed in order to go back

that's it, all the bugs I've found..

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