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Again The #1 rule applies ;

Do not ask for the release date(s)

Whats the release date? :lol::roll:

We will release it when it's done.

OK, but where is Duke Nukem Forever then?? Shouldnt that come already Dec. 2001?

Bad jokes, huh?


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Its a really simple one. This is it: Why dont the team get the oringinal mod working correctly with GTA 3 before they start working on the vice city mod. I mean, you lot are going to bring out a new version for GTA 3 , so why dont you get that mod sorted before you try another project. I think its a good idea to try and learn to walk before you can run :) But saying that, you know the team has my full support.

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:lol: LOL :lol:

Mr. Bill keep on Bill'n !!!!!!!!!

So according to that, they would come out roughly at the same time, we will be spoiled for choice.

"shall I kill ppl the good'ol 90's way, or ridin a bike and wearing a clashing suit?"

(I never did get to play risk in the end)

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