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Version number problem, and out of sync

Guest Cornbread

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Hey, first of all, I might already have the answer to this problem, but I wasn't sure about it. I have windows 98 and am trying to play with someone, over a lan, who has Windows xp. why it doesn´t work on win 98? Could someone tell me if windows 98 works at all with mta? Thanks.

And if it does work with 98, something must be wrong. Number 1, whenever I start mta up, and at the little chat window thing where you put in you Nick name and all, if I change the version number to v1.1(and I'm sure I have 1.1)and then exit the console like it says, when I come back, the little box where the v1.1 should be (like it is on my brother's xp computer), it's blank, with nothing there. I don't know if it's just not looking like it changed, or it actually isn't changing anything when I change the number.

Oh, and also, I can't see my brother when we are both on the server, but I can talk to him in the consoles chat window, before we get into the game. It's just like in the first gta's multiplayer, we found another person running around that had the arrow pointing to them, to show that it was the other player, but it was just the computer controlling it, and they just kinda run around and don't do anything; that's happening on Mta too.

Sorry for such a long post, but if anyone could help out, that would be great. Thank you very much.

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Well, I looked over your article. I read all about how to get people to come back on your radar, we tried some of the stuff from it, and it still didn't work. Also, I didn't see anything on your post about lan games. If I'm having a certain problem in a LAN game that's similiar to another problem someone is having in an internet game (I.E. characters running into walls, not being controlled by another player) can it be fixed the same way or do you have to come up with a different solution? Also, still, when I try and change the version number and then exit the console, whenever I open it back up, the version number box is empty; the v1.1 won't stay there. Do you think an earlier version (1.0) would work better? That doesn't really make any sense, but you never know. Oh and I was wondering if you knew whether or not playing over the internet, on someone else's server would help keep it in sync better, since we're going off of someone else's computer?

Do you think that if my brother or I run a server online, and just us two play, that that would make it work? If anyone knows any answers to these questions I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you!

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