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!challenge Script


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ok, im looking for someone to make a !challenge script, i would like it to work like this:

on !challenge [nick]

!challenge joebloggs COPS

!challenge joebloggs DM

!challenge joebloggs RACE

on decision



on completion and Public server return

whichever is typed first:



Unlucky joebloggs, you failed to win the [mode]challenge, you are deducted one point>

on !cstats

is that possible?

i would also like a script that i can use in the private server that will log who wins/loses each challenge eg:

!challenge[cops/race/dm] script that starts a [cops/race/dm] challenge and logs the winner/loser...

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lol every topic on here has someone telling you to search the forums, if thats all you've got to say, dont say it, i know you should search, and i did, to no luck, hence why i posted a question... some people think we must be stupid...

duh i've never used a fowum befowe... sorry.. had to get that off my chest... I'll add u Theoden, cheer's for trying m8!

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