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I dunno whats going on

Guest Scarfacetm

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Ok well i installed everything and it all works fine. I start up ASE and got MTA3 on the list. i load the servers then click into one. i join the server and pick diablo team. the server said it has 4 people playing...but i just drive around and no ones on....only those stupid things on top of the roof. any idea why this is happening? am i not connecting to it¿ or do players not have a dot on the map¿? i dunno....but ive had this for like 3 days and still havent found out how to play online with people.

any ideas?

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ok i read every thread having to do with my problem...and still this isnt working. ive logged into servers, the most ive seen is someone moving for like 5 seconds then everyone stops. ive tried reconnecting, sending requests, everything and it still doesnt work.

im running windows ME(i know its shitty)

128 ram

1ghz pentium 3

g force 4 ti4200 64mbs

1mb cable modem

any ideas ¿

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