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I can't even find the gta_sa.exe file on my computer

Guest rjr8

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I downloaded the whole thing, unzipped it and at just about the end of the whole process it asks me to locate the exe folder to actaully play and it's nowhere on my computer. Help me!

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Have you installed the game San Andreas?

Some people mistake MTA:SA as being the game too. Or, maybe you just dont know where the file is in your computer, if thats the case, then try looking in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\San Andreas\

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Quick, someone dig up my rant quote!

Edit: lol

I don't know about anyone else, but I personally find it :o hilarious that some people are so incredibly stupid that they assume they can download a 4MB file free of charge, and that it will contain the full copy of GTA3/GTAVC/GTASA and allow them to play online. Remeber guys, these games are exclusive property of Rockstar Games and not only would downloading them from the Internet without paying for them be illegal, but compressing 600MB-4GB of data in a 4MB file would be pretty much :o impossible.
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