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Cannot ping Nor scan

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I can't ping or scan, i get the host ip's though, i tried direct connect, it times out, im just trying to connect to littlewhitey's.

Here is some info:

I'm on a network connection (on campus), my teacher upgraded my internet and it should have a fine speed for mta. Now i heard that we have something that blocks limewire and asked my teacher how it works, he said it blocks a range of ports used by limewire, now maybe this is affecting mta, I think he said we are behind a proxy, he said there are workarounds, and i should research and find out what ports and anything else mta uses. Our network is unsecure and all websites work, so i think its just the port thingy. I'm sorry I don't know a huge load on this, but im hoping someone can help me, perhaps say which ports mta uses, and anything that my teacher can do for me so it will work (hes cool with games and stuff) He said he doesnt want to waste time on games but perhaps i can find out as much so its as little effort for him as possible.

Thanks alot.

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The problem most likely lies with the proxy server. Since most educational establishments run proxy servers (to monitor, filter traffic etc) they will have tight access restrictions. I'm not sure exactly which software your school/college/university uses but with most proxy servers, you have to specify a list of ports in the access restrictions which can be used to send and receive traffic over. Most proxies will default to only have ports 80, 443 and 8080 in their configurations since they are the main ports required for web browsing. More ports can be added so that services such as MSN Messenger and mIRC can connect, and similarly ports will have to be unrestricted to allow MTA to be played. The trouble is, since the ports are defined at the hosts end, you won't know which ones specifically to be unrestricted, although I can tell you that the most commonly used ports are in the 22003-24000 range.

You may want to ask your network manager to look into this, just tell him/her what I've said above and I'm sure he/she will understand.

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