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I got the cops to come after me

Guest Blappa

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I posted these 2 posts in the bugs section but i thought i would post it here too since it adds gameplay.

A few minutes ago i was online in a 2 person server using ASE. The other guy left so i figured i would fool around a bit. I put in the item code and much to my surprise it worked. After beating up some of the pedestrian players (the cpu guys that spawn for some reason and dont fight back) with a baseball bat, i went over to salvatore's place.

I stood a spot in the woods where i could see the endless ped players on top of the roof. I noticed some of them were even floating in mid air. I aimed my rocket launcher at them and shot and all of them fell down at the same time. After this i got a "Wanted star".

I kept picking on the defensless cpus on the roof with the rocket launcher until i got 3 stars. After that helecopters started to come. When i got to 6 stars helecopters would come from all directions. Sorry if i disappointed you but you can only fight the police helecopters with 2 guys talking on a megaphone heh. And also sorry if this was already posted hundreds of times.

Also you can use the shotgun to kill the display diablo and mafia when you are on the hospital roof. You can also reduce all of your 900 life to 0 on the roof using the grenades or the bottles that ignite into fire. And lastly if you have 6 wanted stars the helecopters still come after you on the hospital roof

And another thing. If you shoot a cpu (or zombie as i just learned they are called) on the roof with rockets until it falls down it will be angry and attack you if you go near it. It stops if you shoot it a few times though. Looks like the zombies are getting courage. Might be time for Resident Evil: Liberty City.

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