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''Borat'' The movie


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The ppl of Kazachstan unfortunatly are not happy with this movie since it gives a completly wrong impressions about their country.

Unfortunately there are lots of dumb people in the world that believe everything they see and hear. However, the movie has made Western people aware of the existence of Kazakhstan (I thought they'd made it up at first), so it could have a positive effect on tourism there.

I can't wait to see Borat next week. I heard that Will Ferrell saw it and was really depressed as a comedian because it was so funny. Brad Pitt wants to work with Baron Cohen now and there was a massive Hollywood bidding war over his next film, Bruno, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Borat.

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The review that was published in the national newspaper of my country shows a positive remark about this film and i became more interested through reading the article that i might go and see it for myself. The article described about the ways the offensive remarks towards certain subjects is just plain comedy, wheather or not this is true, we shall see.

i didnt like the ali g movie. hopefully this is better.

Certain parts i feel were humorous for only that specific second but the whole movie wasn't great.

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those sketches are funny as borat...

In one he asks a crowd at some public place for a moment of silence for 10 mins for some fake, mundane, bizarre event he says happened 'in his country'... and they thought it was real

I was rofl...

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i didnt like the ali g movie. hopefully this is better.

I agree. I think the problem with the Ali-G movie was he removed it from its normal format. Which is very similar to Borat, a wild character putting himself across as 'real' whilst interviewing people who get taken in totally by it. The Ali-G movie strayed from this and tried to make him simply a funny character in a humdrum comedy, so it flopped.

It looks like Borat is an extention of the original format though, many convinced Americans in the trailer I saw at the pictures last week (thats the cinema for you Americans, (Campaign for the Retention of English Expressions and Language FTW!)), so that bodes well for the film.

I am taking someone special to see it on Thursday when it premiers locally, so it had better be good! :)

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I saw it last Sunday. Terrible. (spoilers ahead) The jokes got old pretty quickly, I could see them coming 5 secs before, the good jokes were all revealed in the trailer, and the Pamela Anderson plot device seemed really out of place if you've ever seen Borat on TV. The end was unsatisfying as well.

Oh well, when I was there I saw a kick-ass trailer for Casino Royale, so it wasn't all bad :P

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Although most of the people in the cinema were laughing, some couldn't hold out - they left in the middle of the movie. Maybe they were Jew (or how is it on english) ;]

Its just that people are weird - usually before going to the cinema you look about a movie in the internet/newspaper/ask a friend about it.

And yeah, I've already arranged going to Casino Royale with ma mate after I saw that trailer ^&^

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