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Uhh just had an awesome idea


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That cinematic viewpoint shit pisses me off :x

Agree, I wonder why Rockstar made it in the first place, maybe to avoid the camera going in the map.

look a train is really big and you would have a rlly fucked up image if your camera view would be chasing behind the train plus you would have bad visibility,although they should have made a first person view that would have been ok.

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true unless you would have 1st person view offcourse then you would be sitting in the cabine thats the most realistic and i think its the coolest view there is 8)

Yeah, it would be. I think the trains have an interior for the cab, so the only thing they gotta do is first person view.

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Drive-by from a train sounds unrealistic and would suck, but having the chase view for driving it and then going into first person view when entering tunnels, that would be awesome.

that would be the worst drive-by ever.

I like Jani's Idea, instead of constant First Person view, only in tunnel First Person view.

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