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Estimated time till mta:dm!

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I've decided to post one more, feel free to look at the full sentences that were quotes by me, and even those that weren't and read wrong.

lil toady wrote:

DooN wrote:

Now all the map modifying is not needed .. at all.. thus far in that equation which I would think most would agree

i don't agree, i want a map editor!

DooN wrote:

Btw did you relize GTA4 is coming out in about 10 months. That also most likely or most definitely supports multi-player.

i'm not so sure that it will have multiplayer, that's not the first time people are talking about built into gta mp

DooN wrote:

If it wasn't for you there would be nothing to "bitch" about.. right?

No. you must be happy they are even working on it, as they are not obliged to... They also have a real life and they can't stay in front of their PCs coding mta 24/7

and btw MTA Team did never refuse the fact that mta itself still has some bugs

imo u just can't demand anything of the mta team


DooN wrote:

Since the forum seems to be as buggy as the "current beta" .. I'll post here.

Forum never seemed buggy to me and u can't compare it to beta (alpha if really) coz u haven't seen it


Proud to be myself.

If that is part of your QA and team, there is little to no wonder .. laugh .. why things.. do I even need to finish the sentence, no.


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He did leave for a while, due to the fact that he tried to set up a clan and n-one could stand being around him, so it turned into a one-man clan. I really don't care about his opinion, he's just trying to stir up trouble. I'm going to lock this thread.

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haha, Doon is such a funny and clever individual. not. I gotta admit expensive words here and there did light up your posts a little. It was almost like in a angry mrbump sort of way. Well, you can put away your English jujitsu because it doesn't hide how idiotic and uninformed those posts are. Go back to CS:S or wherever it was you went away to.

BTW.... .. .. ... ... .. . .. .. . those... .. .. ... . .. . slogans... are... terrible.. p... s. ... laugh . . ... .


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