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Couldnt everyone be just that little bit nicer to newcomers. If someone takes the time to register and ask surely you can see they dont mean to do what they do. Common problem, common solution. Sticky.

Please forgive me if im out of line.

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Here's a suggestion for whoever made the forum logos (old and new). Add at the bottom of the image "Deathmatch isn't ready, don't ask" in bright red text.

EDIT- This is what I mean:



Of course, this is only a suggestion. Doesn't have to be done. However, it should stop the amount of newbies coming in and asking when DM is released, etc. There are probably better places to put the message in though.

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The edited signature certainly does give out that specific reponse to the public, but i have to agree about the signature would slightly be ruined, perhaps just another small banner somewhere throughout the forums could be another suggestion. The homepage could also include something else added to those who dont visit the forum regulary.

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Maybe a pop-up, which appears at your first 5 forum visits? :wink:

Great idea, maybe not a pop-up as it can be blocked by browser, but at least anything can be shown extra with your first forum visits.

Or maybe put some text in the registration verfy email

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problem is : noobs disregard everything. they don't read anything, they just come here to ask their question and that's it.

at the moment the only real give-away that dm isnt out is this text on dll page

Multi Theft Auto is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC that allows you to play it online against players around the world. This is the first release of MTA:SA which contains a race modification and a race map editor.

and off course in several posts in forum

aka its not _just_ the problem of not reading

its also a problem of not informing

and we already talked this over a couple of times and its about time you really did make a change somewhere blokker_1999 ... like you said you would

I do agree that we should change the description a bit on the downloadpage to indicate that the current release is race only.

in why does http://www.mtasa/mtavc.com go to news first ?

close to two months ago !

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  • MTA Team

you say it yourself, it is mentioned on the download page, what more can we do? Is it our fault that people don't read? Should we really ruin our site with bigh high contrast letters stating that what people should read anyway?

People expect something, see the word download and click on it. Only to be dissapointed, not our fault that they don't read the text that is posted on the download page, not our fault that they don't read news posts correctly, ... .

People today are lazy. Why is it that most people don't even search for a solution or an answer anymore? Do you really think they take the time to read something? No they want answers to their questions immidiatly. They want everything at once without having to do anything themselves.

If anyone is dissapointed it is their own fault, not ours. We have informed people.

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There could be a way to fix this. I kinda have a idea.

Maybe for the first 2 visits (as lil Toady said) make a special rule page which the user has to accept. On the bottom of the page, it saids, "click next to continue". This is a fake button and only logs off the user with a page saying "READ THE RULES NEXT TIME!". The real button you have to press is hidden on the top of the page. The only way to pass this puzzle is if the user reads the rules because in the rules somewhere, it tells where the right button is. People who have read the rules will be allowed in.

You get my idea?

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dont listen to coz, he's a huge fan of sheep...

yes .. you know im your biggest fan ..

thats not what you said last night :D

but when you sneaked up un me in the dark alley and tried to assault me i thought you were someone else

... now on topic again ?

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  • MTA Team

I actually think there should be some sort of easily readable info on what has been released at the top of the page. It wont solve the problem but it will help alot. Thats why I linked to the old mtavc page, where there was a downloads table right on top of the main page. That was the best.

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That doesnt solve the problem because the point is to reduce the number of posts like that. You will never be able to stop newcomers who dont read other parts of the site from posting a topic asking for a release date or a link for DM

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