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Hi all, i was wondering if i could implement an other map in the mta mod, however i dont know *** about modding so personally i was not able to. my idear was to take a map from the modding page, implement it in a second set of necesary mta files, change some text in server/client about map info, and put it all in a dir or zip. make a bat that copys and backups the gta3 files which will be replaces, and putting it back afterwards.. this would enable more maps to play..

any goodmorning all:)

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Anyway, you could do what your saying but then everyone else you play MTA with would need to do the same and adding maps to gta 3 may cause it to crash. You might as well let it be. If you want to add maps use another gta 3 folder (copy all gta 3 files to another directory).

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dont use maps gta3 mta is more stable without any maps or mods

Has anybody actually tested it with maps though?

I don't see any reason why if all the players run the same map mods it should cause any problems. All that is sent by MTA is position data.

Of course, the current performance of MTA doesn't really make it ideal for stability testing.. :wink:

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ya, adding maps WOULD work... other people wouldn't see 'em though. If you wanted to add that sort of batch-file thing, specifically for MTA, I suggest talking to the MTA team... although I'm guessing they won't add new locations until MTA is perfected... :?

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it would be nice if the client would be able to compair mods with the server, and download the neccesary files if needed. + of course a original (backup) setting. what i meant to say in the beginning of this threat is that if all people use the same mod, multiplaying could allready be more interesting. i played ultimate stuntpark 1.5 succesfull,and when the servername explains its a mod, i think its pretty realisable

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of course not the server should adapt, but the clients, so that when you logon to a server your client will compair and download.

anyway, at this point i dont believe the server/client is much more then coordinate send/recieving and games like unreal etc work the way i describe, so maybe its hard, but there are a lot of examples around. besides this server/client upgrade mods can indeed be used if people name theyr servers so the we know what to install. i have 2 mods installed, and as far as i know, it doesn't cause lag or unstability. i use wall ramp v.10 and ultimate stuntpark v1.5

i didn't play with it much however, because i was testing some mods past days, so it is unstable to include mods, but then i just didn't experience that yet.


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