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Here are some programs I created for myself and I though I'd share them with other map makers too. Probably some people have already created better versions, if not then I hope they will be helpful.

Map Mover I use this to move spawnpoints, objects, checkpoints, pickups or all at once to a different location.

Multiplier Easy way of creating long roads, multiply objects or anything else.

Color Changer Change the color of checkpoints without affecting their properties (though you can change their size and type as well if you want to).

Don't forget to backup your maps before using these tools. Enjoy!

PS) Sorry if programs similar to these have been already posted here.

EDIT: http://rapidshare.com/files/20505797/Tools.rar.html

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How do i use the map mover?

Put your map in the same folder as the program, start it, select the stuff you want to move, pick an object and write down its old coordinates, move it to the place you want it to be and note that new coordinate too (these are the key things you need to make it work) and you're done. I hope it's clear.

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damn these tools are easy to use especially the map maker tool.

EDIT: when i used the map maker i used the id 1612 i believe that that was the submarine i entered rotation 0 0 0 position 0 0 200 and then 0 1 200 and then stopped. when i checked it it wasnt there tell me what im doing wrong

you tried to miltiply the submarine? in that case open up the file you created and copy the text into an existing map, I entered those numbers and got this:


pretty funny, don't you think?

you entered 200 for the z coordinate which is a bit high, maybe that's why you didn't find the object, and by entering 1 means that the objects will be very close to each other..

EDIT: @limpeh-behsi

here's a new version of the program, I hope it's easier to use, just choose an object, move it to the location you want it to be and write down the old and new coordinates (in the editor press F3 for properties) and enter those in the tool..


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oo now i get it btw ive made an new map (im not to good with rotation so its :~ you know it will be out soon called dtneters drag)

well you can create objects with the same rotation however when it comes to creating curves (turns or twisted things) you need to work in the editor, if you know what I mean..

the program might save you some time, you can make a "sketch" of the map and then finalize it using the map editor.. ;)

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              |         Map Moving Utility, by norby89         |

The maps name (Dont forget to backup your file first!): "C:\Program\MTA San Andr

What would you like to move? Yes/No
Spawnpoints: no
Checkpoints: no
Objects: yes
Pickups: no

Enter the old coordinates (x y z): -714.883484 -1960.469238 8.365055
And the new one: 1352.133667 2145.236816 61.133820

I cant take a pic of the error.

Why? The window shutdown to fast.

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