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The silence of SA-MP

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Hey. I wanted to congratulate you on your work on MTA. You've always been the best and I love your new MTA:Blue project. I'm looking forward to coding in C++, as I'm sick of having to use SA-MP with pawn (the language the little amaeture kids use).

I posted about your new progress on their forums, and it got deleted within 5 seconds. It seems, every time someone even mentions 'MTA' they delete their post. I've talked to a few of the board members and they agree. I noticed here that people mention SA-MP and you don't complain at all.

I congratulate you on your work and good luck! I hope you release soon!

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Omg guys why you all think what mta dm is better than sa-mp?You even haven't tryed it!But videos...pffff.Remember the video of mta rase mod?Synhr was perfect!No lags.But what we have now?Lagy even if you have good conection!

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First of all, if you want to flame something, make sure you run your message through spellcheck. Second, well.. I've no idea why the release version got screwed and such, it was pretty darn smooth during beta tests.

As for the original post- SA-MP is not silent; I'm quite sure they're working hard to improve their mod every day, and they did release some information about their next release. Also, as much as I care, if there was some post blatantly flaming MTA around here, I'd delete it and warn the poster without thinking twice. It's their damn forums, why would they keep a post on them calling them flaming faggots and such? Hell, it's their damn forums, they can do whatever they wish. If they don't want people to talk about MTA there it's their own buisness.

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We have to allow samp to be said here or else MTA gets accused of putting down the little guy and that sort of stuff. It only gives more reason to go check em out if we do anyways. Sometimes stuff must be deleted because many people have to start flamewars as soon as the other mod is mentioned. Theres too many fanboys.

Anyway word of mouth on servers defeats all the censorship. When MTA is released, guarenteed it'll be the topic of conversation on many samp servers. All they are doing is hurting themselves by not strengthing the multiplayer world in general which would attract more fans into the communities. The more material people have, the more likely they will enjoy it and stick around.

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It wasn't like that, I simply mentioned MTA several times and my post was deleted. I was like 'Well, MTA has so and so.' or comparing the features to someone in the boards that weren't even supposed to be related to SA-MP in general.

Also, I didn't mean that they were silent. I mean they silence US about posting anything related to you.

Edit: They did it again, my GOD.

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Why the hell is everyone so aggressive? For Christ's sake, the guy was complimenting MTA because of their hard work, and how their community is more welcoming. Looks like you guys just proved his comment wrong by flaming him for it. Learn how to take a compliment properly, for crying out loud, you're acting like 5 year olds.

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I was like 'Well, MTA has so and so.' or comparing the features to someone in the boards that weren't even supposed to be related to SA-MP in general.
Do you also post stuff about MAC OS on Microsoft boards? Or tell Ati why some things on Nvidia cards are better?

And btw, why do u think the "Third party GTA mods" forum got changed to SP mods only? ;)

But true, there's no competition, so why on earth should they delete the posts :roll:

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The 'Third party mods' section did become SP mods only, but it was becoming an advertisement place for other multiplayer mods. The only active topics there were gtat, sa-mp, rumble etc etc and we tried to discourage this without success.

The mod team have tried to avoid these sorts of topics in the past but recently activity in the community has increased with vast more references to sa-mp and its hard to moderate it all, im sure its the same on the sa-mp forums. We dont like to delete posts when people are trying to express their opinion, but at the same time we dont want to cause damage between the communities - something that is hard to draw a line between.

As for this topic - its likely to be locked soon judging by the way this is heading.

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IMO, I find MTA more stable than SA-MP.

Heres what I mean... this is where the ball starts to drop. I know exactly what you were saying StevenlAFl, I was just explaining the whole situation to you. I'm sure whenever MTA is mentioned there, they have flamewars much more often. However, sure they probably want to keep them in samp and not let them be informed about MTA.

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Massive +1's to all mods. Not easy things to make.

That said, I'm just going to say, I play what's actually available to play. And tbh, it's pretty damn good, and the next update looks even sicker.

Can't really root for something I haven't seen or played.. especially when I've been waiting on it for two years. When it comes out, +1 to the MTA team for making it and coming out with it, but to be honest, you guys could have released it by now. The first realease doesn't need to be perfect, and we'd all like to get our hands on SOMETHING.

All I gotta say. :arrow:

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