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hou to get more ppl in 1 vircel

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My answer to that is No u cant and im pretty sure u cant and it is a smallll bug other wise it would work. U ask why it doesnt work and i will answer

When u try to go in a car from the passenger side, ur guy will go in and will push out a "ghost" (that ghost happens to be the 1 of the other players ur playing with). Now the other player and u will have control of the car lol...and geez U wanna go left and he wants to go right....and go ahead and try to get out...cuz u cant the Other player has to get out and some stuff happen like respawning in some other place and having cars over u and stuff like that..so i would say dont try it cuz ull crash ur and/or the other player[s computer...

it happened to me and 1 sob took the car from me and my connection to the server was disconnected....he got the car and i really got pushed out lol...from the server

I hope they can fix this in .4 :)

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well, you CAN get into the car with another person, but the car will jerk around all over the place, and go flying everywhere....

you aren't supposed to be able to get in with another person, but it's just a bug they overlooked :)

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