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Wild LOop


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wow thanks, nah i ain't so good with making great loops like hednings going-down series, lol

hmm the idea just popped up in myself to make the first loop bigger than it already is :D

EDIT : due to object limit , I can't make it bigger so I have to build a straight road and start there another loop starts

no big deal

but it would be very cool if I could make it bigger and wilder! :(

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na just kiding i like it. GJ! :)

Gived me some nice ideas i can use when i starting to build G-D7.

hehe lol

some ideas?

beats me

download the map and see how I placed those loops lol ;)

I just had luck making the first loop

I am just a sad amateur :(

on the video when u see that sign with 'This part is unfinished'

u see I f*cked up that loop, you see I suck with making that kinda loops

I could rebuild it but , hmmm ... I lost my appetite in making it

I quit building this map lol, too stressing to place those loops and it takes me too much time to make it, I don't have that much spare time, so.. Hedning if you want to cut out the first loop and wanna start building goin-down 7 from up there then it's ok by me :)

if you're gonna start going-down 7 well make loops like that then :wink:

but better :D

you are born to make these kinda loops :roll:

I just had your talent for a couple of hours :P

well if you want ideas: I placed those roads just to see if they would be good to drive over it, here's a lil secret you might know it but it's good to know press 'Ctrl + right arrow and up arrow' it turns the road to up and then down, it might come in handy when u are doing a loop like the end of my loop I just kept building the road straight and it was about to hit the first loop then I started doing that but Instead I had to do it when i first started building that loop now it just got buggy and crappy :( , I started building alot of loops then I fixed em and now it's perfect to drive over it , it's tricky if you're driving it for the first time, after driving it 5 times or more you'll get the catch of it

I'll maybe do other loop maps but it's frustrating :(

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