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How 2 Start/Connect ?? ...What/Tips 2 Do/Try ingame ???

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Copied from Wazza posts in General 0.3b discussion, as it may be more helpful in the help section :) someone sticky this please thanks.

ALL you NEED 2 KNOW about MTAv0.3b on HOW 2 JOIN & WHAT 2 DO!!

Noobs, take your time & read this carefully!!!

L33ters read what you need.(*)


Hey everyone,

Since there probably are many peeps () having problems to handle MTAv0.3b, having trouble figuring out the mta-GUI & sorts, ...I decided to launch a new topic on the 'General MTA discussion' forum !

...I 2 want 2 learn a few tips/tricks as possible... ...so do do the needed if you plz and Post'm Here.(just Some Idiaz 2 Do Multilike would D fine also)( speak:"lets..." ).

I'm shure many'll get helped here in getting MTAv0.3b to work on there PC!!

So ... I GUESS \\// this topic \\// may be long, but shure it shall help ALO(t)!

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

(*)IF SOME DON'T WANT TO READ EVERTHING!(Though there're many interesting issue's.) I insist you read question (B), as it contains a great/logical TIP I noticed ingame (on my PC) to see other players moving again!! And maybe © to post.

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====


First off all as far as I know, The MTA Team gives, by releasing its GTA3:MTA modification, the Community the opportunity to (test-)play MTAv0.3b. Allready (partially) supported to choos a team & play a Deathmatch(DM)-typed game against all other players OVER the innernet. (for noobs: DM =all_you_can('t)_kill_!!!)

...and you can offcourse shoot(+-), race, punch n chat against/with other players. nice

Tip!: Do NOT choose MAFIA team, Bcause Mafia is the bugged team. It could cause more difficulty staying ingame! Choose Diablo!!

Allthough some people say they don't have any problems with it.

There's really nothing wrong with MTAv0.3b, there're only few bugs in it. It's being worked on, allthough ;)them bugs can smthz be pretty amusing.

(Netcoding witch'll reduce lag fo everyone, especially for 28K-connectiontypes, is what is mainly worked on for future release.)

To be honest (for now) a good connection type would be prefferable. I mention again it's being rlly worked on for Mta's next release.

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====


(A) HOW DOO I START/CONNECT WITH MTAv0.3b ?? << noobs!!!!!




I've made this post BIG & detailed. BUT. I also shortened it a bit, right here:

(A) HOW DOO I START/CONNECT WITH MTAv0.3b ?? << noobs!!!!!

(1) Use ASE to find(copie) an (server) IP to join a game.

(2) Click GTA Launcher.

(3) Click GTA3MTA button.(don't connect Yet!)

(4) Sart New Game ->> Sart Multi Theft Auto ->> SEE credits, then push Alt+Tab.

(5) 128KB (14kB/s), check version, fill in nick, type/paste IP.

(6) Press 'Connect to Server' button!, Press 'Send Game request' button!

(7) Choose Diablo team, and do as explaned in detail.


-> Read it in detail!(below)


-> Read it in detail!

-> Also post other suggestion on this topic!


->type '/in '.(without the quotes(='') ofcourse!!) => ex. /in hello.

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

(A) HOW DOO I START/CONNECT WITH MTAv0.3b ?? -> untill you'dd see real players playing/moving/interacting!! (not ot talk bout seeing cheaters online)

!!!First you NEED AllSeeingEye (ASE)!!! ->(2 find internet games with)

==== ====


Setting up ASE(AllSeeingEye) is the only part I won't explane.

But don wurry on "??How to set up ASE??", there are explanations/places on the forum you can easelly find all you need.

You better FIRST Go figure out (easy to use -) ASE first & come lookback here a bit later on.


LOOK at these ASE Topic's on forum TO GET STARTED:

http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 586(untill "Zeno"'s step 14!)

http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?t=1157(or check out what "ME"'s postss!)

Or Jlook thrue the forumz!


As there are no other programme's (th I know off) to find MTA servers online , You will def need to download AllSeeingEye @ the ASE-webpage:

Download ASE: http://www.udpsoft.com/eye2/index.html (dl from N. America or Europe)

==== ====


As from now you can start with step (1).


Use a programme called ASE (AllSeeingEye), you can find a Game!

You only use this programme for 2/3 things:

1. Finding a online-game with an amount of players!

How & Where, you say??

->Highlight/Select 'GTA3:MTA'!

->On the left window in ASE. Selecting an installed the game; 'GTA3:MTA'!

Then you push the 'refesh button'(or just push F5)

NOW you should see a list off servers, running at this moment!

2. Copying a server'ip of a servers you want to join.(ex.

[Keep in mind you only need the 1e part( of the IP to paste into 1e "server ip" textbox. As the second is default(2003) allready filled in at the GUI.]

There are 3 Ways on how you can easally fill in the 'server ip' textbox?

(when GTA3MTA is clicked & a window shows, that's what called an the mta-GUI) (= a client(=you) connection interface)

OR Just type in IP:

OR Highlight your choise of server in ASE and rightmouse -> Copy to clipboard -> Server Adress Ctrl+C

OR Highlight your choise of server in ASE and pressing Ctrl+C to copie. yc?

(Read 3., if you want to, because it doesn't work!! I guess. Maybe it'll lateron.)

3. Now this would have been easiest, but it won't work really proper.

You can connect to servers via ASE by a simple dubbleclick(or F9) on the server. It will launch your GTA3.exe automatically. But don't ask me how you "send a game request"!? using ASE , nor also using GUI (because it will only lauch another gta3.exe, etc).

->Beats me !?

REMARQUE: If ASE would 'Send Game request' automatically when connected to server as a player, that would be great.

I guess they'll inplement it 2, you know

==== ====

==== ==== ==== ==== ====


Click the GTA3 Launcher icon. (witch You have downloaded from http://www.multitheftauto.com/downloads.php?ordner_id=1 & installed into your GTAIII folder)

(So GTA3 Launcher: will be located in the folder you installed MTAv0.3b; this should be Rockstar Games/GTAIII; when you have found it, copy it to your desktop!)

==== ==== ==== ==== ====


Now click onto GTA3MTA button (choice2 out off 6choices): to launch:

the MTA programme (the GUI=MTA popup window).

GTA3.exe ,that is emmediatly after, automatically minimalized.

( Me!?, I found the automatic minimalizing really NOT nessecary, allthough minimallizing GTA3 was put in to allow confort. Yes, it's a confort! Still the auto-minimalizing could be left out, because i allways go in gta first untill the Credits, before I try my first connection attempt.)

==== ==== ==== ==== ====


TIP: I suggest you also do what I find much easier & quicker, by just going ingame(gta3.exe) again untill the Credits >> (so Maxamize after auto-Minimized !! )...

HOW, you say ??

Click the GTA3.exe (desktop) to Sart New Game, Sart Multi Theft Auto untill you see the MTA Team's Credits.(that's all). ...and THEN I minimalize (= Alt+Tab) (don't push Esc first = NOT nesseccarry!)

Next, it is time to (fin) connect! -> (5).

==== ==== ==== ==== ====


Now in mta-GUI: (GUI = MTA console):

Always (& everyone) leave the "connection type(upload)" to its default. 128KB (14kB/s)!!

(this IS recommended by Trx; Mta develloper)

Check what GTA Version you got (v0.1 or v1.1).

(v1.1 = GTA3 upgrade with the gta3patch1.1 -> search with google if needed)

(I play with version0.1!: and all works fine!)

Fill in ya'nick(-name) in the "nick textbox" in GUI.

(you are capable of using 14 characters in your nickname, Bware!! there is possible minimum off characters also!!)

[this could be a (if not the) problem for some peeps]

Paste (ctrl+v) the IP you copied from ASE (see (1)) into the "IP textbox" in GUI.

Carefull it will paste ###.###.###.###:#### and you only need ###.###.###.### .

==== ==== ==== ==== ====


1. Press 'Connect to Server' button!



Waiting for request

Assigned ID: 2

Gametype: DM

Connection found, ping received




Look for ORANGE LED, indicating your connectionstatus:

(on the right side next to'Connection Status')

-> LED IS ON/ORANGE: you ARE connected !

-> LED ISN'T OFF/ORANGE: you AREN'T connected !



2. Press 'Send Game request' button!

(do not press this button when you didn't see the credits yet)


This Step (6) should almost never fail.(ifstepsRfollowdcorr!)


Fully recheck atleast step number (5) again!


Its probably the server you CANNOT connect to!

(you can get an error message; my intuition always tells my it's due to the server OR the server sjust 2 far away from your hometown !!)

(A better PC or Connection-type could help here. Sorry, but that's how it is, sometimes.)



Oh, yeah, ussually, at this moment on, you could type a little announcement into the (outgame-)chatbox: ex. You type '/in hi there'.

Can also read (D) to learn the chat.


==== ==== ==== ==== ====


Now it's finally time to play!

Click on your GTA3 (blow your desktop) 2 return too the MTA Credits again. And there! w8 3 secs.

You should NOW notice you can choose a Team. (Again, choose Diablo!!, Mafia has a bug!!). So Step into the blue (diablo-)marker!

When you spawn at the Diablo's hideout, you take a look at you radar. You should NOW see some other players appearing. They are represented by GREEN DOTS (moving/not-moving):

If GREEN DOTS/Players ARE moving:

Congratulations, you are IN! & you "can" read (B) if U wish OR just go out n play!

If GREEN DOTS/Players AREN't moving:

You can do the following:

1. press eEsc

2. press Alt+Tab

3. choose the MTA console (GUI) and press DISCONNECT

4. press CONNECT

5. press SEND game request

6. return to the game and you will see peapole playing again! So you can read (B)

How, you say?? -> alt+Tab too gta3 or click gta3 blow your desktop


You should NOW be able to see and play with the other players, who are NOW REALLY showing to be moving!


If still not, DISCONNECT!, EXIT all! & TRY again.

Or connect to another server. Maybe also trying another nick.


==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====


OR 1:

You can:

1. press eEsc

2. press Alt+Tab

3. choose the MTA console (GUI) and press DISCONNECT

4. press CONNECT

5. press SEND game request

6. return to the game and you will see peapole playing again! So you can reAD (B).

How, you say?? -> alt+Tab too gta3 or click gta3 blow your desktop



OR 2:

-> = TIP, I'M almost POSSITIVE OFF! And I quote 'almost', not 100%!

-> The dissapearing off the (non-moving)dots CAUSES reappearance off some !MOVING! greendots/players again !!!

I ask, Do try to understand! This is Actually a pretty logical TIP.

This TIP doesn't always work, but I post it, because I've seen many players reappear by it.

Goal is to get NOT-MOVING players in losing all their healt, so that it CAUSES dissappearing from radar. And reappearance again!!!! (NOT Always!)

(non-moving players = when you see a Tommy Vercetti walking against a wall, just acting stupid n s**t)

When you notice the players aren't moving anymore, you just keep yourself bussy wasting as much non-moving players, getting your PC to know the player's currnet data.

(as if the current data reaches your PC correctly again, you can see allz working well now)(you can play gainst/with others now without having to DIS-and RECONNECT Again !!!!!)

So most important is to make sure the green dot (or the player & its'Blue arrow pointing above its head if you like) on the radar disapeares!


You can park-kill (most effective) Or road-kill them really fast, by running them over (prefferably slowly), parking your car ontop, with the (I normally park my car & get another car, since the disappearing takes a while.)

There NOW should be a/some player(s) vissible again. Or in an little amount off patience.



The green dots, who appear to be visible on your radar, could just also represent a player who disconnected shortly (i guess ).

Then you are actually trying this TIP WITHOUT actually "getting someWhere".

This could get anoying, and can be due to an error. So if this is the case, you'll know it after pressing Alt+Tab, reading the error in Windows.

What I mean is, killing dots/arrows won't ALWAYS solve 2 see other mov again emmediatly!

You'dd have to participate a bit to make some more arrows/dots fanish from ya'radar. Or notice quick enough there is an error taking place!


==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====


search & approach those green dots on the radar

get yourself a bus, driving That for once.

just RAM!

(You can also do nothing and just verveel (US accent) yourself!!) Hehee

Just breaking some glass windows with another player, each in a car !!

And fight your arses off together, to win by breaking the last glass window standing near Portland metro-entrance) -> little laugh , ..., )

Ram another again and Do all the possible to flip his car over ->> he has to crawl out ->> You mostly CAN'T (road-)kill him.


I noticed When raming & player's car flips over, he get's out, bug seem 2 take over.

You notice the player's data is lost again, so You can start doing the TIP [explained in (B)nr.2] again!

BUT HOWEVER!, sometomes the player reappears automaticly, me being surprized he didn't have to crawl out off his car afteral! I like!

TIP 2 use in MTAv0.3b: (That's allready beeing done!)

By just using ingamechat with outgamechat you can try to get somebody's attention. Get him to talk to you about sth (Race, ...) you wanna Do/Suggest what you'r both could prob be in for. Chat!

-> maybe some more examples/suggestions: Do post 'zzz.

Race to stauton, starting at Tunnel, allowing to go your own freakin route! You first aggree (thrue chat) to race back to the sarting point(tunnel)! And maybe chant about it later on.

!More player should garrantee to B more fun!

A race from the policestation in Portland to the other in Staunton! Sarting from anywhere!!

->Chat!!; aggree!!; type '/in R U R, Set, GoGoGOOO!'.

A (multi-) subway-race!

Following each other around, doing some Wild_Stunt_Jumps ontop off, onto-, into-, over Objects OR -Places.

you can also DOthink off other things:idea:yourself... & post them Here!

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====



So you are also capable off typing a [iNGAME]Message. Textmessage that will be displayed ingame, for other players to see.

Just by typing '/in ' or '/me ' (without the quotes).

(/me displayes a message starting your nick followed by your message)

(/in displayes a ingame-message starting your nick followed by your message ingame)

It even doesn't matter were you put /in into your sentence.

->Maybe an example:

If you want to type "hi, everyone", just type /in hi everyone. And your messages will be printed ingame for others to See/Read!

->The only DOWNSIDE about the chat-option is that you can only write it @ the outgame chat. (there being worked on a voice chat in next release)

So you gotta Alt+Tab every time.

BUT, it's Still handy to tell some1 where you wanna meet OR just to say '/in hi'.


->The reason there isn't put in a ingamechatoption during yourplay ingame,is because I think the keys (=buttons if you like) you use to type, are the same keys you use to play gta3.

(ex. if your f-key is set to enter a car (on your gta3).And you are standing near a car while you type. You WILL enter that car when you the the 'f' in your !

The gta-keys can'T be unbinded in "easy_mode" in GTA, while a (type/read_ingame-)chatoption is running!

Allthough I remarque it, it wouldn' have bothered me much if The MTA Team wouldn't have left it out from Mtav0.2. But I'm sure they have their reasons.




P.S.: -> you can still put the ingamechat ON/OFF. I guess it's used to if you set other players'messages to be shown or not for U.

(textmessages shown in the left, upper corner off the screen during game)

Shift+Z = Chat/textmessages On.

Shift+X = Chat/textMessages Off.

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====

Supporting the Community!

Keeping in mind We're all lucky bastards -> thx 2 ...!!

Keep up the go_Od work, devs!!

Major fan here!! Cheering Releases!!


->Try making a habbit always Disconnecting before you Exit! ty.(it's known to cause problems in Mtav0.2; I'm not certain if it causes any prblms in the MTAv0.3b release)

->Plz, ply MultiThftAuto with a (>> thinknew,fresh) Clean Install!! if you pleaze?

->too MTA Team: I personally encouradge synched'cars to be putted in later release (I know it will be), as in without it, you can sometimes really get disturbed.

GTA_mp fo'real!!

->Annie1, Feel free to paste this forumtopic-(urlshaped)link anyWhere you like asked for when serious crying is envolved. HeHeHee.

Hope this has been of any use.

Also any complaints about the lenght of this post are perfectly normal.

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Man that's sweet, I didn't know you needed to have ASE, some little bugs/errors pop up when i go into 0.3b, but i have seen the credits screen, but have not yet connected to anyone's IP. Will i be able to connect even with these little shitty errors?? And a error also comes up when i try to connect to an IP that doesn't exist. :twisted:

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??????? GUI...WTF is GUI..and i have a problem. when i see the credits and pressing alt+tab i cant see a popup where i can press connect or anything. plz help me

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don't get lippy Lorlock :)

a GUI is a graphical user interface.

basically means that instead of having to type things (like 'connect <125.75.436.314>' and 'say: "hi guys!"') to do stuff, you can just hit little buttons, and use a mouse, and have purdy little pictures.

hmm... no little popup thingy....

Just open up C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA3\mta.exe while the credits are rolling

that should do the trick :)

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don't get lippy Lorlock :)

a GUI is a graphical user interface.

basically means that instead of having to type things (like 'connect <125.75.436.314>' and 'say: "hi guys!"') to do stuff, you can just hit little buttons, and use a mouse, and have purdy little pictures.

hmm... no little popup thingy....

Just open up C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA3\mta.exe while the credits are rolling

that should do the trick :)

Where is mta.exe? Is it the setup?

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MTA.EXE is a stupid install file, why should i install it again when I'm running mta and seeing the credits!?

i just want the interface to connnect, how do i get that?

where do i get the MTA.EXE file which isnt am install file?

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