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Im always having trouble with my user tracks in MTA:race for SA...its kinda annoying that i cant get to the menu...but i understand that the game cant be paused...I suggest adding a tab or some menu button to SCAN USER TRACKS...because when my game doesnt load the tracks (even tho it should cuz its on AUTO) thats the only way i can get them to operate properly

PLLZZZ consider this because it would help me a whole lotta :P

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well i tried that...but like 3 out of 4 times it wont start back up in MTA...I cant explain this...but i lowered the number of tracks and tried and seem to have a little better luck.

but im just thinking if MTA blue menu had yaknow like a tiny little options menu where you could change the video (like on DM screens) and maybe one for audio (volume, stuff like that) that has scan user tracks...it would eliminate me having to join and rejoin servers feeling all dumb :P

EDIT if the new MTA setup has bindable stuff...theoretically couldnt i make a bind for user track scan somehow????

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