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Server won't show up & i've tried EVERYTHING

Guest immortel

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MTA 0.5.1

I went into my router and did port forwarding for ports 2003 to 2130 on my chosen machine.

I made sure my MTASERVER.EXE had thr "super" trust on my Zone Alarm firewall (and i've even tried it with it off).

And yes, i checked the box that let's ASE know it's there.

For some reason, it can't be seen on the list (by me or my best friend) to test the server YET, some guy i never met logs on and begins to play in it.

Why is it that some stranger can see and get in but i and my best friend (Who are on two totally different IPs) can't even see the thing?

Sure i can do a and get in but that's not the point.

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