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mta miracle

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NIce going crew, i do not believe i ever saw a single player game being cracked into a multiplayer game..very nice:) erg goed.

i've been testing some different client/server apps, and this one is in some aspects the best, at least the most stable. the latancy is bad though,+-4sec. ggm however is allmost synchronised(at start at least:) the delay is approx .5sec so thats quite a bit better... why not work together. use ingame speech from ggm+netwerk ggm+ weaponswitch ggm, kill count from gta3d, and the game is allmost ready:)

but 4 real, after betatesting this mod for +-3 days contineuus, these are the specs i think are important to have:

-better netwerk latency and perhaps a little bit more advance server setup

-ingame chat

-ingame login/logoff messages

-ingame connection lost message (the you died message from console)

-all player kill count menu(+ killing spree messages)

-weapon switch animation

-some kind of trigger that resets when cars get stuck in eachother, or maybe a reset car button.

besides all this, mta truly rules and you did magnificent work..

greets and thnx 4 all fun


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