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Setting up mIRC ?...

Guest SmileymaN

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Anyone there can tell me the totaly newb way to set up mIRC ?...

I downloaded mIRC 6.2 from the website, but all that..

- 3. Installation -

1. Download the latest version of mIRC at http://www.mirc.com
2. Unload older 'mta.mrc' by '/unload -rs mta.mrc' (Without qoutes)
3. Remove older MTA:mA files
4. Place all the files from the archive into a directory, Example 'C:\Program files\mirc\mtama'.
5. In mirc's status window type '//load -rs $+(",$$sfile(*.mrc,Select your mta.mrc,Load),")' (Without qoutes)
6. Select your 'mta.mrc'
7. Click on 'Load' (It may ask for confirmation that you wish to run the script, hit Yes.)
8. Done

... tingy, doesn't i understand any of...

Please tell me the easyest way that even i understand :lol:


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Hmm, don't be so angry ad the little ones :( ...

Anyway, i think i got it to working, becose the server is up. mIRC runs, and 'MTA mIRC Admin by Aeron' runs. Also when you say some ! commands, they response, just a wicked way :-/ ...

~VCC~Smiley: !car

hmm.. :( ..

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I found out that no-one can connect to the server.

I asked some friends about they could see the server in the server list, and they could, but when they tryed to connect, do they time out :(

Anyone knows the reason?... please post here.

P.S: I know i have readed about someone there had the same problems, but i cant remember where :?

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-Ports are on.

-Firewalls are off (and deleted :roll: )

-All scripts runs

-Server isn't set on LAN

-Server shows in the server list (also for other players)

-Connecting players does not show in the console.

-When trying to connect, they just time out

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