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random crashes - not like other posts

Guest Murda

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ok first let me say i have ver.1 i think no hot coffee nothing.

and latest ver of mta

i tried reading the other posts about crashes and tried everything there

deleting gta-sa.set the user files other things i dont even remember

but my game keeps crashing once every few (random) minutes.

it can be 1-5 min can be 30-40 min but mostly 1-5 min

it doesnt happen on specific map or something it just do.

can anyone please help me fix this? im clueless :?

by the way, i cant even send the error with the center cuz it says it cant find the core dump file and its right there in the mta directory and when i try to submit it the center crashes also hehe

wierd problems

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I have this same problem! I even went and did a re-install on my computer but it still crashes. Exact same scenario and i am running v1.0 SA and latest version of MTASA and no Mods installed other than MTASA.

Any help please?

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its just random, not related to anything noticable...

also i noticed that when it crashes i get the error report right? now if i put the username and password and click save password then it sends the error dump file to mta staff or whatever..(all my port aswell with it)...


if i dont chk save password the reporter crashes also!



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