modding mta main menu background

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I changed it to this:


And it looks like this in game:


hmm... why is the original ghosting through? I suck at photoshop maybe that's why. I've changed it before with no problems... but it didn't work right on this one. Maybe something to do with the transparency...

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:o .. your violating the eula of mta :o

but while were at it :D

heres mine


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No offence, but the ones in the first post are shit.

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No offence, but the ones in the first post are :~.

maybe some positive criticism and pointers to make it excellent are more helpfull to alwSmokE

i think the monkey could've been a bit more crisp and cut better

(try grabbing it out the texture files instead of cutting it out a screenshot - then after rotate/shear/perspective it a bit)

but still its his work , he took time and effort to make something he likes

im not saying your not entitled to your oppinion . but just saying it sucks is pretty weak

so how about your background jani ?

if its not the default one throw it in here ..

we could make this topic into a showcase topic

ps .. for those wondering

imho this wont be the place for the debate on if its breaking the eula or not

and neither well explain how this is done.. you can find it with the search

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Would it be possibile to make a moving background, like load the game directly and show random places(see how cars go by, people walk bla bla bla). That would be awsome :D

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Thats possible im sure but we really dont have the time to invest into something like that

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I dont think that game menu is that much important to spend time on it that could be spent on developing mta itself..

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Coz, thats one sweet screenshot you have there :)

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I though of it by looking at ,maybe you guys can add it later?

with a bit of knowledge of batch files

the old ms-dos, and how to create nice screenshots ingame ..

something similar is probably possible to create yourself today :) - not as a live thing

just have a folder with a dozen files you want as BG then have a script running which ever so often replaces the background file :)

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