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Just to keep you updated, and i hope this is not too much of a bump, but Master and Kev have been working very hard on a new G-Stats Server. I cannot give any details out yet but im sure teh release is coming out soon. So far its for MTAVC 0.5 but they are thinking about expanding it all over all versions of MTA and also upcoming versions of MTA.



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ummmmmmmm leave me out why dont you tommis! lol. its Master, Kev and SmartiE, hehe.

Well development is going really well.

Our domain has currently gone down for some unknown reason but, as our news 'WOULD' display we are nearing a release, with a mIRC Script Version, and a Win32 version.

As you can see in my sig we/i have also created Dynamic Signitures allowing you to display your stats as a Signiture 8).

We will keep you updated :)



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