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Helicopter Magnet mod - need help installing it

Guest Clarkey Boy

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I have just downloaded a helicopter magnet mod - it has a file called main.scm in the zip file. Whereabouts do I put this file? I made a backup of the only main.scm file that I could find and then placed the new main.scm file in its place - but GTA SA would not run after that so I had to put it back to normal. Can anyone help me with this? The site I got it from is http:// http://www.gamershell.com/download_9767.shtml (delete the space).

The download is on that page.

Clarkey Boy

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Yeah... I quit to windows and then reloaded the game and loading a saved game. As helicopters are not available in the game for quite a while, would it be possible for someone else to test it out?

Clarkey Boy

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with almost all gta games when you modify the main.scm you cant load an older save game. some mod designers have taken to including a save game file with their mod because of this.

if you know someone with the same mod you could get a savefile off them, or you could just dive in and play from the beginning

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So do mods have any effect on MTA? I mean by modifying the GTA main.scm, surely its also editing the MTA main.scm as they both use the same one, don't they?

Clarkey Boy

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ok, thanks Talidan.

I have now installed that all in one mod - it works fine and I have combined it with a huge trainer to make a "super me". I am now invulnerable, with invulnerable cars, unlimited ammo, the option of how many police I have after me and I can spawn ANY vehicle I want in any garage I want.

Clarkey Boy

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as MTA doesnt require any .scm's at all.

It should be noted that MTAVC and GTA3MTA both require scm, in those cases it is often best to use a seperate copy of the game for such modifications.

I used to have a second copy of GTA3 and VC

on my desktop for modding, and creating mods,

so that i could still play MTA on the original Program Files,

without having to put in the backups each time i wanted to play

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I have just reformatted my computer ready for uni, installed GTA SA and the mod again and now, whenever I go up to the door in CJs house, rather than giving the mod options, it gives things like "Kill -1 pedestrians in -1 minutes" or "Destroy -1 Bikes in -1 Minutes". Any ideas on what happened here?

Edit: I missed out the American.gxt file - all fine now.


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