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Can we have an IP comparison thing? 'cause I really want to find out if this is someone else, who just got a new account, to make it seem like lots of people hate MTA... like McNeal or something...

BTW: I can still post things as stickies in this forum... :?

BTW 2: YES! I'm in 6th for number of posts! :)



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Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2003 3:09 am Post subject: you are fuqn crazy

how could you complement these people.... multitheftauto is NOT fun it is LAME... okay... i could see if you like racing people... but why the hell would you wanna play a game that runs into 50 bugs every 2 seconds.... freaking ridiculous... how could anyone enjoy playing this crap... you all suck goto hell... yea i know i cant program any better than you... but this shyt is shyt... its the shytiest shyt that ever shyt.... all you mother fuqrs are gonna pay... you are the ones who are the ball lickers... were gonna fuq your mothers while you watch and cry ilke little whiney bitches

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