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MTA Race suggestions


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I hope you are still going to update it, I heard some bad birdies saying you won't.. :(

we all have a hard time with laggers/pushers/rammers/blockers/noobs etc at the start, resolving the problem though is quite easy (theoretically).. just take away the collision of the cars at the beginning of every race (i.e. for 10 seconds) this setting could also be chosen by the server admin and the map maker, some maps might be more fun if the collision would be taken out completely.. same goes with respawns, you are a "ghost" for 3-5 seconds after then you get solid again.. if someone happens to be in your vehicle's radius at that time, you get out of your "ghost" body only when you got seperated from the other one.. I hope you get what I mean, making the car a bit transparent would also be nice if that's possible, or at least figure out something that signals that your vehicle has no collision (a small light, a text, anything)..

a nice addition would be if you saw how many checkpoints/seconds is the next vehicle ahead or behind you if you are 1st.. I know don't want to keep the screen crowded with all sorts of things, this could be toggled on/off..

speaking of toggling, movies would be a lot nicer without the chatbox and the hud, can't we turn those off/on?

last but not least cheaters are lurking everywhere, detecting them though is not easy every time, if we only had a spectator mode.. it's something that lots of people want..

thank you for reading! I hope I gave helpful suggestions! I appologise if some of these have already been suggested, I used the search feature... ;p

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an update is needed, at least to fix those known issues like the early start glitch, "rcon say" crash, invisible aircrafts..

oh, and the hunter's machine gun is way too overpowered :( it can kill a car in a split of a sec which takes away the fun.. there aren't any skills involved in holding the machine gun button for a sec and killing another person.. the rockets are ok, it's much harder to hit someone with it..

the hydra has flares and guided missiles, will the sync be improved enough so we can have fun with them? :)

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