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Multi theft auto for Xbox???

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ok guys i'm sry to waste ur time, I was just looking for a better way to play multiplayer for S.A. A better one then the one they have now. To me this topic is closed and I guess thats the end of my search for a better multi player for S.A. :oops:

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I was actually going to search to see if it was possible. It would be kind of nice if someone put in the possibility of playing MTA on the xbox and yes it would be since xbox is highly moddable. Homebrew is not illegal on the xbox. Just like MTA is doing with the PC. It's only illegal if you play a game that is backed up and you dont own the original disc. hense why they make Halo 2 mods and many other mods. If anyone on the MTA team is good with xbox and/or knows anyone whos good with xbox, then it would highly be wanted by alot of people to put the mod into the xbox game.

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