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Problem Finding Servers

Guest Dr.Teeth

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i just downlaoded the MTA 0.5 client yesterday and it looks pretty cool. The only problem is that whenever i search for servers i get this screen:mtatroubleqb9.png

I installed it on a friends computer just to see if it would work and it did

Can anybody help me?

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I dont know the specific way to solve that problem, i always use the ASE program on the other hand rather then using the cilents in-built server browser. It searches for the servers more quickly on the ASE, you can download directly from the cilent if you want it installed. Its just another way of not having to cope with that error.

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i tried using ASE and the only ones that come up are the ones for stunt and only 2 of them. i also tried reinstalling VC and the MTA client and nothing worked

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