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[News]Alive and Kicking


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Well, it's been some time since we last updated the front page, and I guess some people are wondering if we are still alive. Well this post answers that question. We do try to keep people updated on our blog from time to time but even that is slowing down lately.

Development has slowed down a bit due to some real life issues from some devs, but we are still doing our best to get it out as soon as we can. MrJax joined our team to get us back on track. So what has happend since our last news post?

* We improved sync on some areas. Not only making things smooth but also syncing things like vehicle damage, even when you just join.

* Oli has added a full size radar map, this can be toggled by the press of a button.


* MrJax has been working on team support. You can now send private messages to your entire team.


* Something else that has been added is trailer support. No not movies but trucks. Both tow-trucks and and standard heavy trucks can carry other trailers, this extends from fuel tanks over to simple containers.

trailers_thumb.jpg trailers2_thumb.jpg trailers3_thumb.jpg

* Off course we also want other types of transportation and we have also worked on trains.

train1_thumb.jpg train2_thumb.jpg train3_thumb.jpg

* Oli has also worked on the admin system, it has received a complete rewrite. It is more versatile both ingame as outside. Not only more commands but also easy to use for most people. You can connect in different ways. Ingame rcon, admin client and even telnet. The ban system has also been renewed, a ban can even be accompanied by a reason.

* And Bishop from our QA team has also made a video.

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im happy that MTA-SA will have so many features and i always like to read your good news.

and i want to ask something: you made the trains work but actually the wagons are missing, which means that you need to really get ON it to take a ride. you also said that you have added trailer support.

the vagons are actually kind of trailers! arent they?

SO maybe full length trains can be supported?

and another question - can you next time post not only what you did but also what you want to do until the next update? (of course there should be something exept of checking bugs - but if there isnt its pretty good too :P )

good job guys!



:shock: there gonna be molotovs!? OMG i love thrown weapons!

you gonna success guys and its gonna be the best multiplayer GTA mod ever!!!


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Its not that close yet, it is still in alpha and features are still being implemented. Then it needs to go through beta where bugs are found and fixed in the features written in alpha.

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Rule no.1: Never ask about the release date :D

You will not get an answer as no-one knows the date, even the developers, as there can appear some bugs here and there to be fixed before the release

Sounds like Duke Nukem Forever :lol:

It sounds absolutely nothing like it. The team has a clear set of goals and know exactly what this release will look like.

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I have two questions about mta dm:

1. Will the dedicated servers be more develped and more reliable? Sa-mp's servers sometimes wldnt show up cause of some peoples connection and some ppl couldnt get it to work no matter what.

2.Will gamemodes have to be coded? U know like the pawn language in sa-mp.

Btw lovin the new mta! nice work

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