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[Blog] Trailers and teamsay by Talidan


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We've been having some great progress on MTASA. The recent addition of MrJax to the team has allowed the team to cram more features in to the r2 release than expected. And of course, something we can show off:

trailers_thumb.jpg trailers2_thumb.jpg trailers3_thumb.jpg

The pictures show full trailer support - this extends from fuel tanks over to simple containers. Both tow-trucks and and standard heavy trucks can carry other trailers.

MrJax has also been working on all new team support. One example is a feature that is found in almost every team multiplayer game


As you can see, you can now use a 'teamsay' function to chat with members of the same team, which elminates past needs to setup MTAMA scripts to do the job. By default this is bound to the 'y' button, but as mentioned before, this can be changed with the new Keybinds system.

There are some more new cool features coming along - stay tuned!

- Talidan

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I remember Cray speculating about the fun we would have with the sa tractors and trailers the night we got our hands on some of the PS2 versions files and viewed the first few screenshots. It was pretty dissapointing that it wasn't as easy as hoped, so this is great news.

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