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Argh this cmd is p*ssing me off, I just cant get the coding right,

Could anyone please show me the !speed coding, because I dont know what the thing is (e.g. $mta.speed)

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It's not as simple as that, the speed script works by first getting the players coordinates, then it sets a 1 second time and once that second is up it grabs the players new coordinates and works out the speed the player is travelling at by using the formula:

speed = distance / time

You may want to ask in the Addons section for more help.

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here we go

on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{
 if ($3 == !speed) {
   var %a = $iif($4,$iif($mta.name($1,$4) != Unknown,$4,$mta.getid($1,$4)),$2)
   if (%a == -1) mta.msg $1 $2 Error - Absent ID/Name
   else !.timer 1 1 mta.speed $1 %a $mta.location($1,%a,x) $mta.location($1,%a,y) $mta.location($1,%a,z)
alias mta.speed {
 var %x = $mta.location($1,$2,x),%y = $mta.location($1,$2,y),%z = $mta.location($1,$2,z),%a = $calc(%x - $3),%b = $calc(%y - $4),%c = $calc(%z - $5),%d = $round($sqrt($calc(%a * %a + %b * %b + %c * %c)),2)
 else mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) is travelling at $round($calc(%d * 2.236),2) Miles per hour

but cant say it'll always show your real speed cause of mta lags..

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