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k .. on request

[16:42:19] ADMINPM: coz to Yoda|U.K: someone asked me to look at map : can you survive
[16:42:25] ADMINPM: coz to Yoda|U.K: its a deatmatch map tho 
[16:42:51] CHAT: Yoda|U.K: so want it testing?
[16:43:01] ADMINCHAT: Console: go for it 
[16:43:04] CHAT: Yoda|U.K: 
[16:43:16] VOTE: Yoda|U.K initiated a vote for 'can you survive'
[16:43:23] CHAT: Yoda|U.K: 1 please
[16:43:25] CHAT: Yoda|U.K: need to test
[16:43:26] VOTE: Vote passed [4/0]
[16:43:26] MAPS: Race "BeMyWingman2" has finished.
[16:43:26] MAPS: Started map 'can you survive'
[16:43:26] DEATH: danon(rus) died
[16:43:26] ADMINPM: coz to danon(rus):  BROADCAST coz LOSTMAP 497
[16:43:28] CHAT: Yoda|U.K: ty
[16:43:28] ADMINCHAT:  coz: Automessage: Thank you
[16:43:31] CHAT: THE_BOSS'657': np
[16:43:57] ADMINCHAT:  coz: any good ?
[16:44:03] CHAT: Yoda|U.K: tis alright
[16:44:08] CHAT: THE_BOSS'657': help
[16:44:08] ADMINCHAT:  coz: Automessage: Ill call a towtruck ...
[16:44:20] CHAT: THE_BOSS'657': LOL!
[16:44:31] CHAT: Yoda|U.K: once theres a dumper it becomes and evasion map
[16:44:34] CHAT: THE_BOSS'657': i mean help push me on my 4 wheels not that help! -.-

so i guess its ok .. (i dont like DM)

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if thats the case dayum gonna make screens right away, or how bout a video?

Both will do fine and it will show a good concept of how good your map might be, since i havent seen it aswell as many others. Screenshots just show people some details of the map and objects they will face against. I suggest adding some screenshots and include a short video of yourself playing on the map to just show the public how good the map might be.

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