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[Blog] General feature update


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Hi people.. been a while since any of us devs made an update.. mainly because there are only 3 of us active right now.

I have been implementing an ingame full size radar map (pictured below) which can be turn on/off at the press of a button. Here is a picture of how it looks so far (click to enlarge):


This is not finished yet though, I am currently working on making the radar map have a zoom system and customisable transparency.

Since MrJax has joined he has been working on various things in the deathmatch mod.. one of his major features done is a key binds system.. which works on both GTA and MTA keys. The MTA key binds works through the command system.. so you can bind any command to a key :)

On a final note, for those who do not know, there was recently a mention to MTA in a gamespy article. The article can be read here:


Thats all for now :)


PS. Dave says hi

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