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ESPN NFL 2K5 Still isnt dead.



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ESPN'S NFL 2K5 is still alive. The game's fans are still making roster updates for it because stupid EA and their madden only have the NFL license now :evil: So for those of you people who have the game and an action replay there are some available free 2007 roster downloads to keep the game up to date. Especially for those of u who hate madden and wish there was an ESPN NFL 2K6 Or 2K7 because for me i think the NFL made a bad choice going with EA to make the nfl games :cry: . BTW Madden is too expensive, each year you have to pay $50 dollars just for the same game only with updated rosters and new music....and a little bit changed of everything else =/ . NFL 2k5 only cost $20 when it came out


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Ive never experienced EA ever actually developing a poor sport game, however there are a few certain games within the EA sports industry which have showed a disadvantage in maintaining a good gameplay experience. I dont see the reason in voting because ive never adapted to any good NFL game, even though i did purchase Madden 2003 for myself and tried to so an interest within the actual sport. The game never attracted me into buying future versions which are out today. I would rather spend my cash on a half decent rugby game rather then any NFL series additions.

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