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AOL user ... banned? by psoTFX

20 May 2003

Unfortunately an AOL user (almost certainly the same one whose account on Roadrunner we had suspended) is continuing to spam our boards requesting obscene material.

AOL have now been contacted four seperate times. They have not acted in over a week. This is unacceptable for an "ISP" such as they claim to be. Therefore we have no choice but to put in place IP bans as and when necessary.

Should the spamming continue we will be forced to ban all AOL IP's. Of course we may also be forced to contact the relevant police authorities given the nature of the postings.

We appologise to the majority of AOL regulars here who behave correctly. All I can suggest is that you also contact AOL and ask they take action to address this issue.

If no action by AOL is taken I won't be around on these boards for much longer :(

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I only have AOL because I'm on 56k and I play Dark Age Of Camelot (MMORPG), which means I don't get cut off every two hours, which helps a lot :D. Hopefully in January when broadband from the sky becomes available, then I will hopefully be able to get broadband :D

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