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Quick Connect & Connect Dont work

Guest redman

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Iv forwarded all the necessary ports and tested them so i don't think its a connection problem but when i click connect on a server nothing happens, when i Quick connect and type an IP nothing happens. why is this?


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Iv tried connecting to loads of servers but I press connect and absolutely nothing happens its like i haven't even clicked it.

and i cant remember what ip it was (jani)

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well i had it too when i installed the new version of mta i had the aperience of the 2nd version but i had the setup installed of the old one so when i clicked a server it did nothing so make sure you have uninstalled the old version completely and else download it again.

does your gta sa works in singleplayer?

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Yes it works single player, ill try and delete and completely reinstall all of SA because i did have the old version before & i didn't uninstall it.... thx pplz :lol:

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