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NEW GAMEMODE: Very important package |Screens & movie coming


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Hi all! I made a new game mode for MTA SA :) its looks like cops n robbers but it is a little bit different.

In this game mode you have one cargobob/barracks thats has tot deliver 2 packages in a city (checkpoints). The barracks/cargobob is protected by patriots and other police vehicles. The terrorist want to destroy the the pacages inside the truck, they made roadblocks and explosives.

Mission objectives:


Follow the checkpoints and deliver the packages so fast as possible.

police vehicles:

Protect the barracks from teh terrorists.

terrorists (boxvilles & mesa jeeps):

Destroy the truck before its reaches his destination.

I made 3 versions of it each on another island in SA:

DOWNLOAD:very important package LS

DOWNLOAD:very important package SF

DOWNLOAD:very important package LV

Screenshots and movie coming soon!!

Rulez if you wanna make your own very important package map:

-Make more terrorists than cops because its very hard to destroy the truck.

-DON'T make respawn otherwise there are more trucks in the race.

-Make first a cargobob/barracks then a terrorist and then a cop to make even teams.

-Don't forget to make roadblocks ;)

-Make sure thta onlly the barracks/cargobob can gte the checkpoints.

-Mod the map so you don't need any vehhiclechange pickups.

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